About us

Grafa Ltd. is safe and effective phytopreparations. A successful synergy of science and Eastern wisdom

Grafa Ltd. was founded in 2014. We are the exclusive representative of the Ukrainian trade mark RESKINOL and line of phytopreparations called Zel'ye. One would think that there are lots of different drugs and ointments for all of life's emergencies in the drug-stores and why should we invent more? We bought regular remedies, read instructions carefully, studying composition and contraindications. We were surprised by complicated components names and we could sort tens of different boxes to find safe and treatment medication. We got tired of it and decided to sell preparation with absolutely new properties:

  • Composition on the basis of natural components which are known for everybody and which invoke trust, not concern
  • Multipurpose effect. Only one tube in a backpack or bag is for all of life’s emergencies: from burns to bruises and frostbites.
  • Tending effect. We would like our product to take care of your skin.
  • Absence of contraindications. We do not like side effects and afraid of it. We believe that drug should treat, not mutilate.
  • Moderate price. There is no need to explain that everyone should have the possibility to be healthy.

Features of our product

RESKINOL salve is the result of 20 years’ research of scientists from Neosphere Ecology Institute named after V.I. Vernadskogo. The idea of this preparation was borrowed from the nature itself. The research of natural drugs which were used for a long time in the Chinese, Indian and European medicine and also experiments with healing herbs and biologically active substances helped to invent effective and safe formula of the salve which we consider the ideal one.

It is hard to believe in the existence of inexpensive remedy that can cure serious injuries, cuts, inflammatory processes and haematomas. We didn’t believe at first, but after a try by ourselves we became confident in the salve’s efficacy.

One of the most important features of our product is safety. We know perfectly the consequences after using low-quality ointments. The most harmless of the consequences are:

  • absence of effect
  • allergic reaction
  • wound abscess

We do not wish anybody the same, because the quality of our product is confirmed by:

  • sanitary and epidemiological station conclusion;
  • certificate issued by the Ministry of Health Care;
  • certificate of State standard (GosStandart)
  • protection of RESKINOL each packing by QR-code.

We believe that it is necessary to produce and sell those products which afterwards you would like to buy. That is why we follow this principle.

We take care of children

We know that kid’s skin has its peculiarities, for example dryness and propensity to irritation because of the weak sebaceous gland function. That is why kid’s wounds can close up more slowly. To help moms we created RESKINOL for KIDS which heals, softens and nourishes kid’s skin. This remedy became a perfect assistant for thousands of moms all over the country. The treatment is quick, comfortable and the salve can be used since first days of baby’s life.

Grafa Ltd. today and in the future

Today RESKINOL salve is available in all drug stores of Ukraine. Our logistic partners are ready to deliver the products to any place of the world. Our plans are grandiose. We want to improve logistics more, make our product more available and useful and geographic boundaries of sales more wider. But we do not forget about our philosophy which is to make society more healthy, prosperous and happy.

We are confident that business couldn’t move apart with social values. Work for profit only is road to nowhere. If you have any questions or wish to become our partner, please write or give us a call!