The RESKINOL salve

Unfortunately there is no schedule following which we know exactly when we will burn a finger or hurt a leg. The life would be perfect without any worries of course, but the truth is that every day we face with lots of factors which can break our health. You should always have a multipurpose remedy in your first-aid kit which will help you to manage with traumas of all types.

Important! Remember that the success of treatment depends on the speed and correctness of rendering the first aid.

The RESKINOL salve is high-performance and combined remedy for the skin regeneration in case of different injuries. The pleasant bonus to medical properties is the salve’s salutary influence on skin subjected to dermatological problems. RESKINOL is perfect treatment and care.

As well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb

The salve is for external use and it will help in case of:

  • burns and frostbites
  • inflammatory processes;
  • any wounds;
  • irritation, reddening, xerodermia and fissures;
  • bed sores and intertrigo;
  • animal bites and stings;
  • sprain, injuries and bruises;
  • counteraction to climatic hazard influence (wind, direct sunlight, low temperatures).

There is no problem in the list which is farfetched and absolutely unreal. All these are quite common situations that require quick solution.

Application advices

  • The sooner the salve is laid on the wound faster the process of healing will be. Spread RESKINOL richly over the injured surface and skin around, and then put on a bandage with the isolating layer. The procedure can be repeated 1-2 times per day.
  • In case of big affected areas of skin remove a bandage and keep the wound open at least 1 hour per day.
  • The frequency and duration of the salve usage depends on injury character and it is chosen individually.
  • It is better to chill salve before use.

Secret of efficiency

The optimum formula of the RESKINOL salve is the result of 20 years research of scientists from Neosphere Ecology Institute named after V.I. Vernadskogo. The niggling work helped to combine correctly sources of natural antibiotics, biostimulants, antioxidants, anesthetics, amino acids and useful macro- and microelements. RESKINOL is interesting salve by its natural components such as butter, propolis, mummy, sea-buckthorn oil, honey, wheat germ and geranium oils, terpene and mineral oils, lecithin, softwood dip, camphor, birch tar, vitamin E. The salve doesn’t consist of superfluous or secondary components; every compound is on its place and in the right proportion. This salve regenerates tissues and heals without cicatrix.

The salve advantages

There were no contraindications or side effects detected while using this remedy. It is not recommended to use the salve in terms of individual hypersensibility to its components. Among the advantages of preparation the following should be noted:


RESKINOL doesn’t contain chemicals and hormones, doesn’t have a toxic effect. The preparation composition is natural and confirmed by the conclusion of sanitary-epidemiological expertise.


The salve has anesthetic, disinfecting and regenerative impact which helps to solve fully the problem.


It is easy to apply in any conditions, to store and it can be used within 3 years. Moreover the bandage won’t stick to the wound.

Just be ready for any emergency at work, at home, in a wild. The problems are different, but the solution is one – RESKINOL!