Happiness, safety and health of a kid are the main goal of a mother. It is impossible to protect a child from all worries of learning the world. It is absolutely normal being not perfect and not be able to control the entire universe.

The most important is to know how to proceed healing of a broken knee, how to stop hurting a burned finger and how to get rid of bruises spots. It is great if you have a multipurpose remedy from child's traumas in your first-aid kit like RESKINOL.

It is effective for a treatment of:

  • any wounds;
  • burns and frostbites;
  • severe inflammatory and purulent processes;
  • animal bites and stings;
  • intertrigo;
  • skin irritation, redness and xerodermia;
  • sprain, injuries and hematomas.

Besides that the salve protects from climatic hazard influence (wind, direct sunlight, low temperatures) and moistens skin perfectly by stimulating its nourishment. Real magic wand!

Features of RESKINOL for KIDS 

Of course you want to know more about the ointment for a treatment of a precious kid. We have nothing to hide and we are pleased to tell you about the main features of the salve.

The regenerative action

The enhancement of the cellular nourishing, the metabolism normalization in the wound and the activation of elementary restorative processes, all these is the most effective type of regeneration on which the healing action of the salve is based.

The anti-inflammatory property

Due to the special combination of natural antimicrobial agents RESKINOL can increase the bactericidal blood power and lymph properties. It stimulates a fast wound cleansing from the cellular debris, toxins and bacterial population. Microorganisms can’t be adapted to the components of the salve.

The reduction of painful sensation and recovery of the inflamed skin state 

Bioactive substances of the salve render stabilizing effect on the cell membranes, suppress the free radical formation and lipid hyperoxides by preventing the tissues destruction. RESKINOL tonicizes, moistens, chills and nourishes the skin. The salve is equally effective against slight and extensive injuries.

Important! The salve components properties help to prevent a pain shock, sepsis, intoxication, burn disease and make the regeneration of the skin possible without transplantation and cicatrix.

RESKINOL is interesting because of its natural components: dairy butter, propolis, mummy, sea-buckthorn oil, natural honey, wheat germ and geranium oil, terpene mineral oils, lecithin, softwood dip, camphor, birch tar, vitamin E.

Due to the such combination of components RESKINOL for KIDS doesn’t have contraindications, side effects and is absolutely safe.

Why should we buy child’s ointments?

There is an opinion that for a treatment of a kid you can use the same preparations as for an adult. It is not quite so regarding ointments also. A kid’s s skin has its own peculiarities, for example dryness and propensity to irritation because of the weak sebaceous gland function which prevents from fast wound healing. Besides the main functions RESKINOL for KIDS softens and nourishes a kid’s skin. Thus the treatment is quick and comfortable. This remedy can be used since first days of baby’s life.

You always want to help to a kid immediately. When a kid cries, mom’s heart is breaking. With the help of RESKINOL the pain of falling is vanished as if by magic and the wound will gone.  This salve enables to render effective assistance almost in any situation. It is affordable and can be easily carried in a mom’s bag.

You can purchase RESKINOL for KIDS in drug-stores or order from our website. Less time for tears and injuries, and more on games and happiness! It’s a real mother’s paradise.